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This new application clarifies the overall public decency and dress code of Muslim men and women and highlights the standards/codes of modesty and the minimum requirements Believers should meet that are outlined by Islam.
This app also provides you with complete information and guidelines about Clothing in Islam and other related topics including the reason for clothing and the prohibited types of clothing in Islam on both men and women. Topics include: -Clothing in Islam. -Clothing which covers the ‘awra’ (private parts). -Clothing that is similar for men and women. -Clothing which copies/imitates the non-Muslims. -Clothing which denotes arrogance. -Clothing which is extravagant. -Wearing Gold and Silk. This app consists of a user-friendly interface and a full screen mode combined with an audio feature. Features: - The most advanced informative Islamic app. - Instructions on how to use the book. - Simple guide with proof (Daleel) from the Holy Quran and authentic Sunnah. - Different attractive illustrated images. - Professional native voice over. - Easily-identifiable pages with a page navigator at the bottom of each page. - Adjustable slideshow interval and order with icons on the side of each page. - Click-and-swipe feature. Other apps: - Muslim Prayer (English & French) - Muslim Purification (English) - Muslim Faith (English) - Muslim Pilgrimage "Hajj" (coming soon) - Muslim Fasting (coming soon)